Cuyahoga County Family Law Attorney

At the law office of John V. Heutsche Co., LPA, I have concentrated my practice on family law for more than 39 years. With a focus on excellent client service and facilitation of low-conflict solutions, I offer advice and representation in the following areas:

  • Divorce and legal separation: I assist clients in navigating the challenges of divorce and separation. I can help you address issues such as property division and the debt allocation, child custody, domestic partnership challenges, domestic violence and divorce mediation.
  • Child support: I can assist you in establishing or modifying child support arrangements that are equitable and that meet the needs of your children.
  • Spousal support: If you think you may be ordered to pay or receive alimony, I can help you understand what your rights and options may be.
  • Child custody and visitation:I help mothers and fathers obtain the best possible custody and visitation arrangements for themselves and their children.
  • Mediation, collaborative law and cooperative law: Many people are relieved to know they do not need to go to court to resolve difficult family law issues. Many are surprised to learn that they can use more of their hard-earned money for the needs of their families and less for lawyers’ fees. Divorce mediation, collaborative law and cooperative law can be utilized to get results with less conflict, less stress and less court involvement.
  • LGBT family concerns and domestic partnership matters: I work with LGBT couples and families to find solutions to those unique legal challenges.
  • Appeals: If you have received an unfavorable outcome, I can help you with the appellate process.

If I represent you, you will have direct access to me. I am committed to working closely with my clients as they resolve their legal matters.

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