Child Custody and Visitation

In a divorce or other family law case, child custody and visitation can be major points of disagreement. Parents want to spend time with their children, and courts are charged with acting in the best interests of children. When a divorce is occurring, parents and children want to be treated fairly when custody (Parents Rights) and time (Parenting Time) are allocated.

As a family law attorney with more than 39 years of experience, I help my clients obtain the best possible custody and visitation arrangements for their families. My practice includes:

  • Facilitating workable parenting plans based on children’s needs and ages
  • Utilizing mediation, collaborative law or cooperative law to appropriately fashion custody and parenting time arrangements without court involvement
  • Working with LGBT families
  • Representing unmarried parents
  • Petitioning courts to modify existing custody orders

Every custody and parenting time situation is different. Seek qualified legal advice if you have questions.

Modification Of Child Custody Orders

In Ohio, child custody and parenting time are determined by a court based on a family’s circumstances at a specific time — or these arrangements can be made outside of court. Sometimes circumstances change and new arrangements are necessary.

If your life has changed in a significant way — if your living or marital situation, your co-parent’s circumstances or your child’s needs, for example, are different now — you may be able to obtain a modification of your custody or visitation order. For this to happen, you will need to demonstrate to a court that changing custody or parenting time will be in your child or children’s best interest. If your situation meets the required criteria, I can petition a court on your behalf.

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