Mediation Collaborative Law and Cooperative Law

Traditional divorce litigation can be problematic. It exposes divorcing spouses to higher conflict, expensive and a greater potential for long-term dissatisfaction with the outcome. Many believe the negative financial and emotional impact on adults and children is often more pronounced than it needs to be, especially when alternatives are now available.

Alternative dispute resolution, (ADR), can produce better results than litigation when it comes to family law. Through mediation, collaborative law, cooperative law, and arbitration participants play an active role in working toward the best possible outcomes for their lives and their families’ futures.

Finding Solutions Through Alternative Dispute Resolution

At John V. Heutsche Co., LPA, I help divorcing couples and parents find solutions through family law mediation, collaborative law, cooperative law and arbitration. As a lawyer with 39 years of family law experience, I am pleased to offer my clients the following services:

  • Divorce mediation: As a certified family law mediator in the state of Ohio, I am specially trained to serve as a neutral third party. I can help you resolve your divorce, child custody, child support or other family law matter through mediation, which focuses on reaching agreement rather than on “winning” a case.
  • Collaborative law: The emerging field of collaborative law holds promise for divorcing couples aided by professionals who wish to fashion their own agreement on fundamental issues for their families, rather than participating in the traditional trial method. Collaborative law requires hard work on the parties’ part, and success is not guaranteed but can be very rewarding. I can help you understand whether the collaborative law approach may be good for you.
  • Cooperative law: Cooperative law, another form of out-of-court dispute resolution in which I am trained, it differs from collaborative law in that the participants agree that their respective counsel are not disqualified in the event the process does not succeed.

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